“The first time I met Adrian was 5 months ago. I came to him because of my unordinary back problem that had been causing me pain for almost 1,5 year, and because my pain didn’t stop even though I had been going to physiotherapy and trying my hardest day in and day out. I knew i needed to make a change but I didn’t know how. Adrian did not only help me with my how, he showed me why as well. He taught me that If you want to improve or alter the body it wont happen over night and you need to believe that we are the result of a dynamic process of causes and effects. Just as Karin Boye said ‘The sated day is never first. The best day is a day of thirst. Yes there is meaning in our Journey but it´s the pathway there, which is worth our while'”


“Before starting my journey of becoming a better person I realized that I was lost. I had lost control of my weight and my eating habits. I’ve always liked training and I even went to the gym twice a week. But with no results nor any real purpose in why I’m even there.

The whole journey began by taking a good look at myself, literally speaking. I took my clothes off and took photos of myself for the first time in that manor. It really scared me. The scale showed me 113 kg and that was 12 kg more than I’d ever been before. Where I previously felt that being really bad for me.

Luckily I could receive professional help this time. I was finally getting a purpose with my training. Together with a small group of friends we put up a clear goal, long- and short term and built a dietary plan together with workout schedules. For me, this wasn’t what gave me the most results. It was the constant mental coaching that did the real difference.
I’ve trained a lot from football to wrestling so I wasn’t a stranger in the gym but I needed the mental training to get me through this journey to become a better version of myself.

This wasn’t like a regular PT-session, this was about changing for real. My outlook upon life changed and I not only came out 20 kg lighter but I changed into a completely new person. I am eternally grateful that GOAT helped me open my eyes and come out of the dark and my own denials.”


“I was in the best shape of my life the day I turned 30 year old and I couldn’t have done this without the the help from GOAT Sports. With this (in my own personal opinion) world-class coaching I received the pushes needed to reach my ideal weight and a mental strength I’ve never had before. With a structured plan based on my personal starting point and goals set along the way I could reach new heights; both physically and mentally. GOAT Sports gave me the tools I needed to lose my 16,7 kg through discipline and the mindset of a G.O.A.T.”


“When I first was going to accept the challenge of changing myself I was afraid. Mostly afraid to fail. I was always that girl who didn’t do well with training, so I naturally assumed that I wouldn’t get any results either. I was almost certain that I would fail it all, the diet and the training.
Through the first calls with the coaches that fear and feeling of self-doubt started to shift. My motivation went up and I went from “I can’t” to “I will”.
I personally felt like the training was way harder than the diets, and those days when it felt the worst, I got that pep-talk needed from the coaches and I got quickly back on track. After 4 months I couldn’t believe my eyes. The scale showed that I lost 13kgs! I am so glad and thankful that I took the step and reached out, through this program I learned so much about my own body.”


“I didn’t feel good at all besides not having any hopes of losing the weight any time soon. Before starting my journey I was not only lacking the motivation to change my diet and training scheme but I also didn’t have the knowledge about any of it either. It was like I was in the dark, away from all the help I needed. And then I got the opportunity to start this project with a small group of friends and family and that was my savior. I was coached mentally to be able to begin the journey and given the right tools needed to continue it.
It was really tough in the beginning, since I’ve never eaten or worked out in this way before and I wanted to give up during the first week. But in the plan we had continuously follow-ups where we got to talk about the struggles we were having and getting positive pep-talks and motivation along the way. That helped me to not give up. And thanks to that i achieved my goals.
I became a completely different person that felt good about myself on the inside along with the outside. It changed my lifestyle and has given me much better self-esteem (?) . I now have the knowledge and tools to not fall back into the dark.
I had been struggling with my weight all of my life and tried several different methods and diets. I lost some weight but I didn’t change for the better. That’s is why I’m so happy that I did this with the coaches at GOAT.”


“During these 5 months working together with my coaches at GOAT Sports I’ve lost 15 kilos and simultaneously become stronger and more athletic. Despite following a strict diet plan and a tough workout-scheme have i ever had so much energy, I’ve been able to reach my training goals and been able to perform better at work and still have energy over for my social life. Something I never thought possible with a schedule like this. I’m extremely happy for the professional help I’ve received and very proud of the results I achieved!”


“After being sent back and forth through the public healthcare system, between specialists and experts for about five years due to chronic back pain I finally got the help that I needed. From the first Screening and set up, the pain only returned in shorter periods and after the second set up I finally became pain-free! My coach was responsive to my personal goals and always laid the plan after my current status.”


“Being overweight for the most part of my adult life, simple things like finding clothes from my favorite brands in my size was impossible. Even something relaxing like hanging out at the beach was a struggle knowingly that I didn’t feel comfortable in myself to relax. But after investing in myself with the help of GOAT Sports, following me up regularly for six months with real training and true mental coaching, I’ve got a new active life and a self-esteem to match!”


“The best help you will ever find. After a meniscus and ACL reconstruction surgery Adrian helped me go from crutches to playing a match in only five months and two weeks. A journey towards greatness we are still working on today! This years my goals are set even higher than before because now I can finally give myself that honest opportunity!”

THEODORE ANKRAHProfessional Football Player

“My goal was to be more athletic, stronger and thereof a lot less prone to injuries, since I’ve had my fair share the last couple of years. The coaches were very responsive to my requests and programmed a dietary plan and training schedule that fit into my everyday life. It was understandable and manageable, even for a person who hasn’t worked out at a gym before or followed any diets. During the 5 months I lost 8 kilos, I got defined muscles and got a physical foundation that helps me in my sporting activities.”

SUMIT DUGGALEntrepreneur

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