Home of our Training Facility, where becoming the greatest version of ourselves can ad up with your own gym-membership! With a screening analysis, getting your own individuall training program and being able to work with any one of our coaches at our Training Facility.
GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Open Gym

Training Facility


Open Gym

GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Draxfit

At the GOAT sports training facility, you will find carefully hand-picked equipment which has been tested and chosen specifically to assist our clients’ needs at every stage of their training. From severe injury and rehabilitation to top performance athletic training, our open gym will be ready to help you train right.

Cardio Room

GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Cardio Room

We offer a cardio room with handpicked equipment to help with all your cardiovascular needs. Warming up or winding down after a workout. Working with intense intervals or just keeping a conditioning steady state tempo.

Group Room

GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Group Room

Our group room makes it possible for you to book a coach for a group class of chosing. Of course with the privacy options desired.
Workshops with your team or trying out a functional combat workout with our punching-bags as your sparring partner!

Treatment Rooms

Treatment Room

In a soothing environment separate from the gym area is a small safe-haven where we you’re your treatments seriously. Our treatment rooms are ready to help you get the necessary treatments needed. Sometimes training is not where you start, therefore we have made sure that we have the right starting point that you need.

Conference Room

Conference Room

What’s next? Your sessions don’t have to end with us! Not only are we good inside the gym, we are pretty good outside of it too! We put together seminars and work-shops for whatever could happen next!

Medical Assessment

Medical Assessment

What is unique at the GOAT Sports Training Facility is the way we work together with Doctors. All clients of ours could get an opportunity for a phone consultation with the Doctor or even a scheduled meeting with said Dr.
It’s important to not let things pass by. While working out with us our coaches could notice changes and consult with the Doctor then recommend a plan for such cause.

Our Coaches

Our team of licensed coaches in Malmö
will help you every step of the way.

Malmö Training Facility

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