GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Group Room

GOAT Sports is now offering athletic adapted group training sessions for you that want to improve as an athlete, no matter which sport in movability, stability and explosivity. Does not matter what sport you play in or how fit you are, we guarantee we will improve your physique.

From June 29th until August 5th we will offer two training sessions per week on Mondays and Wednesdays. A total of 12 sessions will be held and you can attend as many as you like. The price is 70 kr/session, but you can buy a package of 10 sessions for 500 kr.

The sessions are held at GOAT Sports Training Facility, our high-performance gym located at Köpenhamnsvägen 46, Malmö.

With a shorter season ahead of us it is more important than ever for you to be in your best shape and to deliver in every competition.

Come by our Training Facility (Köpenhamnsvägen 46, Malmö) or contact our head coach Adrian Skepi (076-296 27 88 or info@goatsports.se) to reserve your spot!

  • Athletic Specific Training
  • Small groups of 12
  • 60 min training
GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Open Gym
GOAT Sports - Training Facility - Draxfit

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Our prices



Sport Group Session – 10 sessions package

500 kr/package

Sport Group Session – 1 session

70 kr/session